The first week of Growth Track is Follow!

At the Follow event, you will discover some of the basic Biblical principles we believe as a church. You will learn what it means to be baptized and even have an opportunity to sign up for baptism.


The second week of Growth Track is Connect!

At the Connect event, you will discover the many opportunities for you and your family to connect to CVBC. Learn about our connection groups as well as which ones would be a good fit for your family!


The third week of Growth Track is Discover!

God has designed us all specifically for a special purpose! At the Discover event, you will have an opportunity to learn all about the unique spiritual gifts that God has given you.


The fourth week of Growth Track is Serve!

As part of the Serve event, you will get to meet our ministry team leaders and learn about the many service opportunities at CVBC.  God has created you to serve! We would love to have you on the team!

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